8/4/2016: TOM are looking for developers

TOM are looking to recruit two key positions that will be instrumental in the final development of SpriteGuardTM:

4/4/2016: TOM 
secures £350k to roll out Wi-Fi security system

Traffic Observation via Management (TOM) has received the backing to help bring its technology to market from the North West Fund for Venture Capital managed by Enterprise Ventures.

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9/20/2012: TOM takes part at the EDISON workshop in Brussels

The EDISON project helps reach the objectives of the CALL-ICT PSP-2011-5, Theme 1.2 "ICT for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings", with an innovative solution focusing on lighting efficiency currently being implemented in several Pilots (Belgium, UK, Italy).

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8/17/2012: 500K Credit Cards Stolen in Australian Point-of-Sale Hack

The Wired magazine reports a news regarding the hack of the POS terminals in Australia that highlights their vulnerabilities.

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21/11/2011: CBS News/WFMY News 2 - "Do You Really Know Your Wi-Fi Network?"

CBS News/WFMY News 2 interviewed Darren Kitchen about the vulnerabilities inherent Wi-Fi hotspots. In this brief video he showed how it is easy for an hacker retrieving private informations about people connected with Wi-Fi hotspot in hotels, airport or coffee shops. And in fact it demonstrates how systems such as SpriteGuard are needed to improve the security of Wi-Fi hotspot used nowadays.

Watch the interview here.

7/6/2011: BBC Newsnight Highlights Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities

The BBC television program Newsnight recently highlighted the vulnerabilities inherent in public Wi-Fi networks and how they may be exploited to steal personal information.

The Wi-Fi portion of the episode starts at 28:38.

Watch the episode here.

20/9/2010: A Third of London UK Households Open to Wi-Fi Attacks


A new study from Garlik shows an alarming number of London households are open to easily executed Wi-Fi attacks. Read more here.

19/7/2010: TOM participates in UK Trade and Investment Trade Mission to China

TOM is currently participating in a UKTI trade mission to China.

Read more from the UK Trade and Investment website here.

8/12/2009: New cloud based WPA cracking tool available

With a specially developed dictionary tailored for WPA networks, at www.wpacracker.com test your network against 135-million passwords in just 20 minutes. 

For more info visit 

29/10/2009: BBC Watchdog - "Wifi Hot Spots Not Secure"

BBC's Watchdog highlights the dangers presented by wifi hot spot security issues.


With the aid of freely available tools, researchers compromise a number of different online services, highlighting the need for Intrustion Detection and Prevention systems.


Watch the program here.

16/10/2009: Lord Mandelson promises to get tough on filesharers

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is championing a tough new "Three Strikes" approach to copyright infringement.


The new legislation may have implications for innocent Wi-fi users as it has been hinted that residential users with Wi-fi will have to take responsibilty for securing their home networks.


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Traffic Observation & Management Ltd. (TOM) is a high-tech spin-out company from the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT), Queen’s University Belfast. 

TOM is developing state-of-the-art Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (WIDS and WIPS) for 802.11 networks with particular focus on the residential gateway and public access market.

TOM is currently seeking strategic partnerships with WiFi equipment vendors and operators.