Products and Services

TOM’s Product Series

Our core business is to provide non-invasive user data inspection security solutions for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs), and WiMax. The product series is called SpriteGuard (SG). Each product performs wireless attack detection, wireless link diagnostics, attack mitigation and real-time reporting.

SpriteGuard WiFi – Enhanced Security for WiFi devices

SpriteGuard WiFi is a lightweight defence solution for WiFi devices e.g. all types WiFi wireless cards (USB WiFi card, miniPCI card, PCMCIA card, PCI card, etc.), WiFi enabled devices (most laptops, notebooks, PDAs, smart phones, etc.), WiFi APs, WiFi routers, WiFi modems (ADSL and cable modems) and any devices able to connect to WiFi networks.

Typical customers of this product are:
  • WiFi card manufacturers
  • Access Point (AP) manufacturers
  • Wireless router manufacturers
  • Wireless modem (ADSL, cable, etc.) manufacturers
  • WiFi OEMs
  • Owners of wireless PCs etc
Read more about SpriteGuard here.

Penetration Testing

TOM has significant expertise in performing attacks against existing Wi-Fi networks.  TOM can offer this expertise in the form of penetration testing consultancy or provide our suite of penetration testing tools under license.  Contact us for further details.