SpriteGuard is based on next generation network security technologies designed to perform cross-layer attack prevention. It protects against fundamental hacker attacks that are frequently used a springboard for more sophisticated attacks:
  • Denial-of-Service;
  • Man-in-the-Middle;
  • Rogue Access Point/”Evil Twins”.
Moreover, it scans for unauthorized devices attached to the Card Data Networks (CDE) as the PCI-DSS compliance

SpriteGuard is ideally suited for use in a wide variety of devices:
  • Smart Phones: the proliferation of smart phones has made security a top priority;
  • Payment Card Industry: Wi-Fi-enabled PCI devices provide merchants with flexibility and cost savings;
  • Tablet/Laptop PCs: users of these devices frequently expose proprietary information;
  • Electronic gaming systems, healthcare equipment, vehicles, etc.

The security of the system is managed by the SpriteGuard Management Console that provide the remotely 
Configures Merchants’ devices and it is cloud-based or secure server based. It produces reports for PCI-DSS compliance and allows Merchants to self audit with additional monthly savings.

                              How an attack is detected.                                                                 Statistics about the attacks detected.