The SpriteGuard range includes a universal Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) and, importantly, a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS). This differs from other WIDS/WIPS solutions in that SpriteGuard focuses on attack prevention. This innovative approach enables the distinction between normal and abnormal network behavior, so that attacks against the network can be prevented even if they are unknown to the network operator. This is particularly important for open access wireless networks such as hotspots and residential gateways where it is generally not possible to employ “enterprise” type security measures. In fact, SpriteGuard’s automatic attack prevention and detailed reporting can benefit users of both public access and enterprise deployments. 

Uniquely, SpriteGuard can be embedded directly into the access point and the client (traditional security systems require the installation of a dedicated set of “sensors” throughout the wireless network). This allows SpriteGuard to prevent attacks at the source and to provide precise information for each link within the wireless network. It also provides the network operator with valuable information about the network environments, such as typically connected devices, signal strengths, nearby access points, etc. Importantly, it does all this without inspecting user packets, thus preserving the integrity of the user’s connections.